Prebook special on Israel’s first Ethiopian film

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Israel’s First Ethiopian Film


  • Directed by: Shmuel Beru
  • Starring: Meir Dessa, Tamar Yemla, Avinu Beru, Esther Rada, Danny Beru, Gili Yalu, Elmaz Abai, Yosi Vasa, Yaron Motola, Kfir Levi, Dan Volman, Maayan Samuel, Tavor Mansour, Rotay Vill, Solomon, Binyamin Beru, Cheklo Marsha, David Barhani and Kes Yosef Menashe

Zrubavel - first Israeli Ethiopian made film

Gite Zrubavel, a proud Ethiopian Jew, struggles to hang onto his traditions and control of his family as events spiral out of his control. A daughter wants to marry against her parents’ wishes. A son is turning to crime. All the while, 12-year-old Itzhak, affectionately called “Spike Lee,” tells most of the story through the lens of his personal video camera, traveling the neighborhood and filming the mundane and the criminal.

See an untold chapter of the Jewish homeland’s immigrant story in this powerful new film from Israel’s first major Ethiopian director.

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“Captures an authentically fresh angle on the generational/cultural divide separating tradition-minded [parents] and their rapidly assimilating children”

“A heartwarming, honest and unsentimental depiction of Israeli [Ethiopians].” THE NAHMIAS CIPHER REPORT


Haifa Int’l FF; Jerusalem Jewish FF; Palm Springs Int’l FF; NY Sephardic FF (NYC, Miami); Israeli FF (Paris); Addis Int’l FF (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia); Toronto Jewish FF; Taormina FF [Sicily]; San Francisco Jewish FF

  • First Israeli film from an Ethiopian director and all-Ethiopian cast
  • Multi-prize winner
  • Viewed and praised at many film festivals
  • A powerful immigrants’ story in an unusual setting
  • An intimate look at a little-known Jewish ethnic group

Catalog #825-2
75 min. * Color
Language: Amharic and Hebrew with English and Hebrew subtitles


DVD FEATURES (subject to change)

  • Interactive Menus
  • Subtitle Control: English/Hebrew or none
  • Scene Selection
  • Trailer
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 Sound
  • Wide Screen (16×9)
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Late summer Hebrew book releases

New Hebrew Book Releases

Buy now and receive a 20% DISCOUNT!

Use code 3428AR

By now you are probably aware that Kol Ami is a major distributor of Hebrew books, in addition to its thousands of music and video titles. A couple weeks ago we featured a group of new Hebrew books in this venue, and were very pleased at the positive response. We now present another group of great new Hebrew books, representing a collection containing something for everyone.

This week we are featuring books on politics (the Israeli-Palestinian conflict), romance, and cooking, as well as two adorable and educational children’s books. As you know, we carry a wide range of genres including the Hebrew versions of best sellers from authors such as David Baldacci, Julia Donaldson, John Grisham, Richard Bachman and many others. We have a full line of books for children of all ages. Here is a selection of new arrivals – use the discount code above when making your purchase.

Hebrew audio books are on the way – watch for them.

book - Israeli-Palestinian conflict

G’vul Beineinu le-Veineichem – Ariel, Shaul

An in-depth exploration of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At the heart of the conflict are 4 major issues: Borders, security, Jerusalem and the refugees. Each of those is explained within its historical framework and possible solutions are presented. The book is rich with visual aids – colorful maps, timetables, illustrations, tablets and highlights people, political movements and influential institutions , making this a highly useful tool for studying this conflict.

Shaul Arieli, in addition to his rich military background as head of the Prime Minister’s negotiations committee, he continues dealing with the Palestinians, lectures and interviews widely on this subject.

Cat# B-965-4657 G’vul Beineinu le-Veineichem (A Border Between Us and You) – Published by Yediot-Hemed Books – In the original Hebrew – Soft cover – 542 pages – Book size: 9″ x 6″ $35.95

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book -belev haaretz

Be-Lev ha-Aretz – Coetzee JM

The narrator of Coetzee’s second novel, In the Heart of the Country, is a virginal white spinster named Magda, who is living at the beginning of the twentieth century on a South African farm with her father and several servants and field hands. Magda’s father is the callous ruler of the farm; his character and the isolation of farm life in South Africa have a decided effect on Magda’s psychology. When her father takes a black mistress, Magda’s reactions are not only extreme, but the line between reality and fantasy begins to blur.

Cat# B-154-2043 Be-Lev ha-Aretz (In the Heart of the Country) – Published by Maariv Books – Translated – Soft cover – 164 pages –

Book size:8:25″ x 5.25″ $29.95

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book - barbecue

Al ha-Aish – Saida Beni

In this book you will learn how to prepare memorable dishes such as chicken skewers, kebabs, sausages, steaks and lamb chops, what to serve with the dishes grilled on the barbecue, and how to make marinades to make the meat taste better. There are also tips on how to roast over coals and how to prepare your grill. Like all his books, Saida brings you meticulous, accurate and uncompromising recipes –the ingredients are readily available and you get excellent results.

Cat# B-141-52784 Al ha-Aish (Barbecue) -Published by Modan Publishing – In the original Hebrew – Hard cover – 90 pages – Book size: 6.25″ x 7″ $25.95

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Aladdin's Lamp

Aladdin u-Menorat ha-Ksamim – Pullman, Phillip

The classic story of Aladdin and the magic lamp, told in Hebrew with the original illustrations of Ian Beck.

Cat# B-138-1790 – Aladdin u-Menorat ha-Ksamim – by Phillip Pullman (Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp) – Published by Kineret Publishers – Translated into Hebrew – Hard cover – 64 pages – Book size: 9.30” – 6.75” $24.95

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it's me

Veha-Yeled ha-Zeh hu Ani – Atlas Yehuda

It’s hard to believe 35 years have passed since its first publishing. Yehuda Atlas writes with accessible language that reveals the world of children and adult attitudes torwards school, punishments, friends and their surrounding environment. Now with colorful additions of black, white and red original illustrations by Kanny Kerman.

Cat# B-009-5953 Veha-Yeled ha-Zeh hu Ani (It’s Me) – Published by Keter Books – In the original Hebrew – Hard cover – 114 pages – Book size: 11″ x 8.5″ $19.95

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(Discount expires 9/18/13 at midnight)

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Specials on upcoming fall DVDs

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Release Date:
October 8, 2013

Pre-orders by October 7, 2013 midnight will receive a 20% discount.
Use promotional code 5901YW

Israel’s top cult film of all time

  • Directed by: Dror Shaul
  • Starring: Rami Heuberger, Ami Smolarchik, Tzach Shpitzen, Einat Weitzman, Rosina Kambus, Hugo Yarden, Danielle Miller, Pablo Salzman, Davida Karol, Eyal Rozales, Rotem Itah (Abuhav), Efron Atkin and Dvir Benedek

In this dark comedy, three brothers with no family, no money and no end of worries have to plan their 92-year-old grandmother’s funeral on a kibbutz. Little do they know that the oldest brother, Alon, needs to keep it on a tight schedule before his top-secret operation the same day falls apart. Alon’s plan? Work the funeral like a military operation–with tactical maps, missions and more.

A favorite Israeli comedy, Operation Grandma won an Israel Academy Award and won hearts with its darkly humorous look at life in Israel for soldiers and kibbutzniks.
“Heartwarming comic drama”
–YEDIOT AHARONOT (major Israeli daily)

“One of the best Israeli comedies of the past several years”
–HA’ARETZ (major Israeli daily) 

“Excellent ensemble cast…one of the best parodies ever”
–MA’ARIV (major Israeli daily)

“A marvelous comedy… Don’t miss this Grandma”

–Ha’Ir (Israel entertainment magazine)

Israel Academy Award

  • One of Israel’s favorite cult films of all time
  • Winner of Israeli Academy Award
  • Highly praised by Israeli press
  • Excellent ensemble cast, some of whom are now top-level Israeli performers
  • Draws a darkly humorous picture of life in the military and on the kibbutz that most Israelis can relate to
Catalog #824-2
51 min. * Color
Origin: Imported
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles
DVD FEATURES (subject to change)

  • Interactive Menus
  • Subtitle Control: English or none
  • Scene Selection
  • Bonus material (English subtitles)PreviewDirector and Producer CommentaryDeleted Scenes; Picture Gallery
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Sound
  • Full Screen (4×3)

Crime, Comedy, and a lot of Desperate Women

  • Directed by: Marek Rozenbaum
  • Starring: Meital Dohan, Alon Abutbul, Yuval Segal, Uri Klauzner, Moni Moshonov, Ofra Weingarten, Dganit Barak, David Danino, Rita Shokroon, Genya Fleisher, Nisim Levi, Jacob Shapira, Anat Shteinberg, Rafi Tamimn and Moni Ben Gigi

The Belly Dancer

Belly dancer Debbie is caught between two men and two very different lives in this romantic comedy about dance, crime and newfound religion.

Debbie is a dancer at Goldy’s club, but her world changes when a heist goes wrong, and Goldy and her boyfriend Yaki wind up with a stash of priceless Judaica. Goldy takes it as a sign from God and turns his dance club into a synagogue, while Yaki is sent to prison for fencing some of the items. When Yaki gets out, he learns Goldy has turned over a new leaf and is wooing Debbie. Will Debbie choose a devout Goldy and a new life without belly dancing, or jealous Yaki and her passion for dance?


  • Stars the beautiful Meital Dohan
  • Features thrilling belly dance performances and ethnic music by top artists of the genre
  • Filmmakers include such veterans as producer/director Marek Rozenbaum (The Investigation Must Go On, Bruriah) and screenwriter Haim Marin (Big Shot$)
Catalog #822-2
85 min. * Color
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles
 DVD FEATURES (subject to change)

  • Interactive Menus (in English and Hebrew)
  • Subtitle Control: English or None
  • Scene Selection
  • Bonus material:
  • Dolby Digital sound
  • Wide Screen (16×9)
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Specials on New Hebrew Books

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 Use code 2239ZT
(Discount expires 8/31/13 at midnight)

You may know that Kol Ami carries thousands of music and video titles. What you may not know is that Kol Ami also carries a couple thousand Hebrew book titles, and some English books as well. We have books in all sorts of genres ranging from political and philosophical to romantic and humorous. We have brand new books that just hit the shelves, and best sellers from such authors and John Grisham, Harlan Coben, Tom Clancy, Stephen King and many others. We have a full line of books for children of all ages – even cardboard books and bathtub books. Coming soon is a collection of audio books in Hebrew – a first for this country! So stay tuned…


Here is a selection of new arrivals – use the discount code above when making your purchase.


B-965-4843 Ben Gurion ha-Ish me-Ahorei ha-Agada – Bar-Zohar, Michael

Ben Gurion has been called the greatest gift in the history of the Jewish people. A man who by sheer force of determination, courage and vision brought Israel to independence. Ben Gurion led the young country in the war of independence and was its first prime minister.

“Thanks to his talent as a historian and biographer, Dr. Bar-Zohar makes the reader an avid fan of the Old Man.” – The Observer, London

“I highly recommend reading this book … This is a fascinating book about a man, but also a personal testament to our generation. ” – President Shimon Peres

B-965-4843 Ben Gurion ha-Ish me-Ahorei ha-Agada (Ben Gurion-The Man Behind the Legend) Published by Yediot-Hemed Books In the original Hebrew Hard cover 570 ps Book size: 8.5″ x 5.5″ $39.95

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book - ben gurion


B-143-0835 Beit ha-Ahavot ha-Bilti Efsharuyot – Barrio Christina Lopez

A family of only women lives in a little village in Castilla;they suffer from an age-old curse that they will never be successful in love and they will only give birth to bastard daughters. Clara is a beautiful young woman who falls in love and thinks that the curse is over. But her lover goes away and leaves her pregnant, with a big house that she turns into a brothel. Her daughter will have another girl by a man that also disappears. The curse continues for six generations.

B-143-0835 Beit ha-Ahavot ha-Bilti Efsharuyot (La Casa De Los Amores Imposibles) Published by Kinneret / Zmora-Bitan Translated Soft cover 350 pages Book size: 8.5″ x 5.5″ $30.95

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basic concepts of Judaism

B-965-4123 Foundations: Basic Concepts of Judaism – Lau, Rabbi Israel Meir

English version of the widely read Hebrew book. This is the source for those who would like a basic grasp of Jewish concepts.

B-965-4123 Foundations: Basic Concepts of Judaism (In English – translated from Hebrew “Yesodot”) Published by Yediot-Hemed Books. Translated. Hard cover 463 pages Book size: 9.13″ x 6.13″ $35.95

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book - ani koreh - reading Hebrew for children


B-138-0133 Ani Koreh Ma’araz 20 Sifronim le-Reshit Kri’ah

20 little books for the early Hebrew reader

B-138-0133 – Ani Koreh Ma’araz 20 Sifronim le-Reshit Kri’ah – Published by Kineret Publishers – In the original Hebrew – Hard cover – Book size: 8.00” – 6.00” $28.95

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ma'aseh be-hamishim kova'im


B-145-0215  Ma’aseh ba-Hamishim Kovaim – Abas Shlomo

In this funny and clever tale, we find out where the hat man’s hats disappeared to and how he got them back. It is part of the “smiling series” that includes some of the best amusing tales for children, illustrated with humor and grace.

 B-145-0215 Ma’aseh ba-Hamishim Kovaim (Fifty Hats) Published by Agor In the original Hebrew. Hard cover – 32 pages – Book size: 9.5″ x 6.75″   21.95

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Specials on upcoming fall DVDs

   Upcoming fall DVDs
Release Date: September 24, 2013
PRE-ORDER NOW and receive a 20% DISCOUNT!

Use code 4113FD

No Longer a Jerusalemite with Yehoram Gaon


  • Directed by: Ofer Naim
  • Written and hosted by: Yehoram Gaon
  • Featuring: Ephraim Sidon, Moshe Amirav, Yaron Zidkiyahu, David Zilbershlag, Rivka Miriam, Nasser El-Din Neshashibi, Meir Ben Dov, Aliza Rosen, Gershon Solomon, Moshe Nuriel, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz and David Croinker

voice of jerusalem

This captivating documentary explores the ancient city of Jerusalem through penetrating interviews, stunning cinematography and famous songs. Not confined to Jerusalem’s past and present, it investigates the future of Jerusalem through themes such as the “Jerusalem syndrome,” its status as capital city and its importance to three religions. The film extends hope for curing the controversial city’s many scars and bruises and solving its many problems. The beauty of Jerusalem is expressed here by the song lyrics, “O City forever young yet forever old, my heart will sing your song of glory, Jerusalem.”

Jerusalem Film Festival

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Catalog #1383-2, Color, 63 min.

Language: Hebrew with English subtitles
U.S. Suggested Retail $24.95


DVD FEATURES (subject to change)

  • Interactive Menu in English and Hebrew
  • Subtitle Control: English or Hebrew
  • Dolby Digital Sound
  • Wide Screen (16×9)

Pre-order today – your cost will be $19.96
Use Promotional Code 4113FD
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Crime, Comedy, and a lot of Desperate Women


  • Directed by: Jacob Goldwasser
  • Starring: Dorit Bar-Or, Yuval Segal, Yael Poliakov, Eyal Rosales, Evelyn Kaplun, Meir Suissa, Uri Klauzner, Moshe Folkenflick, Amir Bushari, Raymonde Abecassis, Shia Golan, Yuval Carmi, Bar Pali, Gilles Ben-David, Meir Bengigi, Bar Cohen and Ziv Teshuva

shes got it

In a small town in southern Israel where poverty and unemployment run rampant, a local printer and a security guard plot to steal money from an illegal casino. Their scheme involves replacing the ill-gotten gains being transported in the bank truck with counterfeit bills. Unfortunately for them, a group of recently fired seamstresses in the town find out about the double-dealing and plan their own “sting” — to snatch the money and open their own factory. A comic social drama with colorful characters, She’s Got It is a story of economic despair, the glint of hope and unbridled joy.

Israeli Academy Award

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Catalog #823-2, Color, 89 min.
UPC # 73713808232-4
ISBN # 1-56086-731-0
Origin: Imported
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles
U.S. Suggested Retail $24.95


Pre-order today – your cost will be $19.96
Use Promotional Code 4113FD

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DVD FEATURES (subject to changes)

  • Interactive Menus (in English and Hebrew)
  • Subtitle Control: English, Hebrew, or None
  • Scene Selection
  • Bonus material
    • Photo Gallery
  • Dolby Digital sound
  • Wide Screen (16×9)

(Discount expires 9/23/13 at midnight)


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Jewish Americans


The Jews have always been known as a traveling people. From their wanderings in the desert until the recent migration to Israel, the Jews have never remained in one place for too long. This week we celebrate the difficulties and triumphs of their migration to America.

preview of feature film

Take advantage of our 2-week special on the following titles

To enhance your enjoyment of this unique culture use coupon code 3498JC on the basket page for a 20% discount off any item on this page. (Coupons cannot be combined with any other specials or discounts. Offer good until 7/31/13.)
Bubbe Meises
Bubbe Meises

Critically acclaimed as ” a unique cross between Fiddler on the Roof and The Joy Luck Club,” Bubbe Meises – Bubbe Stories is a double EMMY award-winning musical tribute to the wit and wisdom of grandmothers! Laugh, sing, and share the joys of different generations and different countries in this American woman’s journey of discovery.

Cat# V176 DV * 75 min.* $24.95

 Click to purchase


Last Stop Kew gardens


Last Stop Kew Gardens

Film director and best-selling novelist Robert Lieberman explores his own experience as well the experiences of other children of holocaust survivors in America with famous names such as Jerry Springer, comedian Robert Schimmel, Josh Brand (creator of “Northern Exposure” and “St. Elsewhere”), Rona Eliot (Today Show host), and many more..
Cat# V656 DV * 54 min. * $24.95

Click to purchase


Last Stop Kew gardens

The Jewish Americans

The epic PBS series portraying the struggle of a tiny minority who make their way into the American mainstream while, at the same time, maintaining a sense of their own identity as Jews

Cat# V1409 * 2 DVDs * 6 hrs. * $34.95

 Click to purchase




Last Stop Kew gardens

The Ultimate Goldbergs

Meet the Goldbergs, a lively immigrant family in New York, led by the gracious matriarch Molly (Gertrude Berg), herself a child of immigrants. The Goldbergs aired for 17 years on radio and another 7 on TV with an estimated viewership of 10 million. The package includes all 71 episodes + 12 radio shows + a 24-pg. book.

Cat#1050 DV *6 DVD *32 hrs.*B/W  *$59.95

 Click to purchase


Music CDs



Song Book

The Jewish Songbook

Cat# M10900 CD


click to purchase



The Oysher Heritage

The Oysher Heritage

Cat# M7080 CD


click to purchase



Traditional Jewish Melodies

Traditional Jewish Melodies

Cat# M395BES CD


click to purchase



Herschel Bernardi

An Evening with Herschel Bernardi

Cat# M6023 CD


click to purchase


Herschel Bernardi

Myron Cohen – Such a Pleasure

Cat# M003 CD


click to purchase


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37th Anniversary of “Operation Thunderbolt”

On July 4, 1976, 37 years ago, Israeli commando forces rescued almost all 105 Israeli passengers and crew held hostage at an airport terminal in Entebbe, Uganda, after their Air France flight from Tel Aviv to Paris was hijacked.  Yoni Netanyahu, who led the operation, was killed, and the rescue at Entebbe, known as Operation Thunderbolt, is also called “Operation Jonathan” in his memory.  

Yoni Netanyahu – family photo
Yoni Netanyahu – family photo

This daring operation was an inspiration for stories, books and films.

Knesset member Haim Bar Lev, who served as one of the commanders of the commando unit under Yoni Netanyahu during the liberation of the hostages, recalled a little story that expresses the daring plan behind “Operation Jonathan”.

Troops back from operation with the black Mercedes – Dover Zahal archives

Troops back from operation with the black Mercedes – Dover Zahal archives

“We had 24 hours to get ready,” said Bar Lev. “It’s a very short time; the plan and equipment were far from perfect and complete the way we’re used to, but we had great faith in the righteousness and morality of our actions as well as our courage and resourcefulness.  Above all else we depended on Yoni, our leader, to pull us through every obstacle.  It wasn’t the first time that I was with Yoni under fire – he would lead and shout, ‘After me!’ I trusted him, his determination and will of steel.”

Bar Lev also recalled that at some point during the operation he tried to get in touch with Yoni but there was no answer. “I didn’t know at the time that Yoni was killed just seconds before, when he led the raid into the Terminal where the hostages were kept.”

Troops back from operation – Dover Zahal archivesThe story inspired several action movies, such as The Delta Force (1986) with Lee Marvin and Chuck Norris.  However, the only official story and the most accurate account of the successful military operation is the Israeli production called “Entebbe: Operation Thunderbolt.”  The double DVD set includes the documentary in English that further explores the situation – the tension, anxiety and joyful conclusion of the story.  The film is also available by itself on a single DVD with this special only.  For the anniversary we will give a 20% discount when purchasing the single or double DVD – use coupon code 9515TJ on the basket page.

Preview of Feature Film

Preview of Feature Film

Preview of Documentary

Preview of Documentary

Operation Thunderbolt 2-DVD set – Includes 2-hour film and 1-hour documentary – $59.95 V392 DV











Click to purchase



Operation Thunderbolt - Film Only

Operation Thunderbolt – Film Only $29.95 V392-1 DV











 Click to purchase

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Yiddish Appreciation Week

Yiddish was the unifying language of the Jews in Eastern Europe. In America, many brought their traditions with them while others left them behind, but the centrality of their language always kept them together. At the turn of the century, few writers could capture the old world and culture like Sholem Aleichem. His writing helped create a medium for Jewish expression in the 20th century and he was often noted as the “Jewish Mark Twain.”




 In Laughing in the Darkness, Aleichem’s enormous influence and genius are explored with rich photographs, fascinating interviews and captivating film clips of the old Yiddish world.



Golden Age of 2nd Ave


The Golden Age of Second Avenue

V672 DV




A Yiddish World Remembered

V1419 DV

Click for details 



Generation to Generation

M7009 CD


image horizontal

Enter SISU/Kol Ami’s Summer Giveaway

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 image isrl in song

Shalom Sesame Series: Welcome to Israel
(Children’s DVD)
V1321 DV

details isrl in song


 image out of blue

Out of the Blue
(Current Israeli Feature with English subtitles)
V1373 DV

details out of blue


 image welcome

Israel in Song
(Folk sing-along with lyrics and transliterations)
V071 DV

details welcome



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Ephraim Kishon’s Sallah starring Topol

In this classic film, simple – minded Sallah (played by Topol, “Fiddler on the Roof”) moves from North Africa to Israel with his family. After having been promised an apartment of his own, he is greatly disappointed when he and his family are forced to move to a ma’abara, a temporary hut, assigned to them by the Israeli government. Sallah conveys the struggle for new immigrants to Israel in the 1940’s and 50’s, and in many way is a comedic commentary about the tensions between Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews.

sallah, Kishon, TopolDirected by Efraim Kishon

Starring Topol, Gila Almagor, Arik Einstein, Shaike Levi, Morrdechai (Pupik) Arnon and many more.




Oscar Nomination-Best Foreign Feature                                                                                         Golden Globe-Best Foreign Feature                                                                                             Golden Globe-Best Actor in a Foreign Feature                                                                                San Francisco Film Festival -Best Screenplay 

“It is to the everlasting credit of the Israelis, who have had precious few laughs in their brief, strife-torn history, that they can kid themselves with the light-hearted assurance of Sallah … Ephraim Kishon pokes fun at human inadequacies in a courageous style…” — A.H. Weiler, NEW YORK TIMES

“*** 1/2 Highly recommended” —VIDEO LIBRARIAN

“A sharp satire that’s still as timely as ever” –VIDEO BUSINESS

110 min. * Color * Hebrew with English Subtitles * Israel

You can find Sallah and many other classic films at



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The 46th Anniversary of The Six Day War: Tkuma

4119_3_0_0In this six-part series, Tkuma presents the viewer with a retrospective of Israel’s first fifty years of existence; a timely perspective on the events currently unfolding in the Middle East. Penetrating insights are provided by major figures such as Ariel Sharon, Binyamin Netanyahu, and many others.

6-part series, 52-54 minutes each. (Documentary, 2006)

Directed by: Eitan Wetzler, Neta Efrony

“For serious students of 20th century world history or Middle East studies, this is a must buy.”-School Library Journal

6 hrs. * Color * English

Find it online at:

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